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Camp Hubbard Highlight

We are in the heat of summer! That means it’s time to enroll your child in summer day camps to keep them social and active for the summer months. As a parent of a particularly active child, you might be wondering what sports camps near you offer fun and safe activities. At Camp Hubbard we provide our campers with a multitude of activities fit into one week to keep them busy, active, and social!


Camp Hubbard offers two programs: Kids Summer Day Camp for kids ages 4.5 - 12, and a Teen Leadership Camp where kids ages 13 -16 learn responsibility by working with younger campers through mentorship, guidance, and helping them throughout their day. At Camp Hubbard, we believe summer camp shouldn’t stop for teens, there are many important benefits for teens to be involved in summer camp. And that all stems from the opportunity to learn goal setting, leadership, and communication skills they will learn at camp and carry into adulthood.


Posted in Hubbard Updates by Ann Marie Sunderhaus on July 6, 2018

Celebrating 20 Years of Making Confident Safer Swimmers and Being Among the Best Swim Schools


Hubbard Family Swim School is celebrating 20 years in business - and, more importantly, 20 years of serving families like yours. We’re honored that so many of you have trusted us with your children’s swimming and water safety and letting us share the love we have for swimming and water safety. “It has meant a great deal to us knowing that we are not only teaching children how to swim, we are also introducing them to a skill that they will be able to enjoy throughout their lifetime. Swimming is a  life-long activity that everyone in a family can enjoy”, says Kathy Hubbard.


Posted in Hubbard Updates by SwimSchool Bob on March 29, 2018

My Hubbard Story - Natalie Marion


Natalie Marion is an instructor who has been with Hubbard Family Swim School since July 2016. She teaches mostly upper levels and is also a deck supervisor. She has also worked snack bar, front desk, and child care. Natalie embodies our core values: whatever it takes, everyone is family, do small things with great love. We asked her a few questions about her HFSS story to share with you.


Posted in Hubbard Updates by SwimSchool Bob on February 27, 2018

Hubbard's High Quality H2O

As a parent, you have an awful lot on your mind at all times, and one of the main areas of concern is your child’s health and safety. This is part of why most of you have chosen to enroll one or more of your children in swimming lessons, so they will be safe around water while also learning valuable skills. But when you watch your child’s swim class, you might see them accidentally swallow some water and wonder if it’s safe since countless young children (and their germs) pass through the swimming pool on any given day.


Posted in Hubbard Updates by SwimSchool Bob on February 13, 2018

How Makeup Swimming Lessons Work at Hubbard

At Hubbard, we love seeing your little one’s face every week in class. And we hope we’ve conveyed the benefits of swim lessons, especially year round swim lessons that are attended with consistency. But, with the holidays and a busy winter season that often involves vacations and packed schedules, we also understand that there may be times when you’re unable to get to class. Not to mention, December and January are known as peak months for contagious illnesses, so there may come a time when you need to make use of our makeup swimming lessons (although we hope not!). Here are our policies:


Posted in Hubbard Updates by SwimSchool Bob on January 9, 2018

3 Valuable Lessons Your Child Will Learn in Swimming Classes

All swim schools aim to teach children the basics of swimming, while helping them progress from one level to the next, but there are endless nuances in each approach that can make a world of difference in kids’ swimming lessons. At Hubbard Family Swim School, we take great pride in the warmth, encouragement and intentionality that we have built our methodology upon. And through the system we’ve designed, our students emerge as safer, more confident and more highly-skilled swimmers. Here are a few of the specific lessons our classes impart, which differentiate us from all the other swim schools out there.


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Our Swim Lesson Curriculum and How We Measure Progress

When a parent begins searching for the right swim school for their child, they often want to know how curriculums are created. Some programs focus solely on survival, while others prioritize comfort in the water and mastering skills. At Hubbard, we have a unique approach to our swim lesson curriculum – and we’re very proud of it. If you’re considering an array of swim schools for your child, here’s some information about the foundation of our program to help you in making your decision.


Posted in Child Development, Hubbard Updates by SwimSchool Bob on December 1, 2017