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Hubbard's High Quality H2O

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As a parent, you have an awful lot on your mind at all times, and one of the main areas of concern is your child’s health and safety. This is part of why most of you have chosen to enroll one or more of your children in swimming lessons, so they will be safe around water while also learning valuable skills. But when you watch your child’s swim class, you might see them accidentally swallow some water and wonder if it’s safe since countless young children (and their germs) pass through the swimming pool on any given day.

The good news is that, at Hubbard, we are zealous about keeping our water pristine and clean. It’s truly high quality H2O. So to put your mind at ease, here’s a peek at how we do it:

We Treat Water Right

Our pools were engineered specifically for kids, and we believe in keeping it filled with high quality water. To achieve this, we filter our water four times faster than the Maricopa Health Code requires, which means cleaner water for everyone. Furthermore, every drop of water in our pools goes through two treatments:

First, it goes through microfiber filters, which catch any really small particles. Second, we put the water through our UV filters which use ultraviolet technology (technically called germicidal lamps) as a non-chemical approach to assist disinfection. Our UV system even neutralizes the highly-contagious cryptosporidium in a single pass. By the time the water is through both of these treatments, it’s clear of any contaminants and clean as a whistle.

Our Systems are State of the Art

If you’re wondering about chlorine safety, we have a top-of-line chlorination system that is maintained 24 hours a day. We order 1250 lbs of salt to make chlorine about every six weeks in order to keep this process going. All of our filters and equipment are extremely high quality, and deliver excellent results. And what this means to you is that your children are swimming in some of the cleanest pool water around!

If you have any more questions about how we keep your kids safe, or about our swim lessons, please contact us.