Perpetual Swim Lessons

Find a day and time that has the class you need. Register in that class. ​You are enrolled until you give us a 30-day notice to withdraw or you request a schedule change.

Currently ALL Levels are reduced class size to help with spacing, and COVID-19 safety

Private Lessons

  • Private lessons will be offered at all HFSS locations

    • Ratios are 1:1 and occur while other classes are being taught.

    • 30-minute lesson

  • Private lessons are available for the following levels:

    • Clownfish

    • Goldfish

    • Jellyfish

    • Octopus

    • Lobster

  • Little Snappers and Special Needs  

    • Special Needs and Little Snappers are unique programs that often rely on specific teachers and staff. The classes offered here are not necessarily built for those situations. 

    • If a parent is interested in LS or SN classes, it must go through the GM.  

  • Cost:

    • $45 per lesson *special pricing through December 2020

    • Initial payment and future billing are processed the same as other classes

      • Initial payment taken at time of enrollment

      • Monthly billing on first business day of each month

    • Private lessons qualify families for the multi-lesson discount.  The 15% discount is applied to the class with the lower fee.  

    • Is there a minimum number of classes required?  No. Treat this as you would other bookings.  

    • Can a swimmer enroll into multiple private classes per week?  Yes as long as enrolled perpetually.  These are not single day bookings!

  • Absences and Makeups

    • We ask that swimmers report future absences through the Customer Portal

    • Swimmers acquire Makeup Tokens for reported absences.  

    • Makeups are temporarily not being scheduled for any swimmers at HFSS due to COVID-19 restrictions.

    • Makeup Tokens acquired for private lessons are offered only in group classes, not in a private 1:1 setting.

  • How to enroll:

    • Go to and log in to your Customer Portal

    • Use filters to find “Private” as a level.

    • Find a class with an opening and proceed with enrollment process

  • How does HFSS know what level the swimmer will be?

    • We will assess on Day 1 and look at level history as well.

  • Who will be the teacher?

    • Teachers that are assigned to classes and can be viewed (and filtered) on the Customer Portal.

Special Needs

  • For children with special needs at all levels of swimming.  


    Class focus for our Special Needs classes is based on the swimmers.

    • Submersions
    • Backfloats
    • Rollover breathing
    • Independence in the water
    • Understanding boundaries and safety around the aquatic environment


    We have been blessed with beautiful indoor swim schools. Our aquatic environment allows for ideal movement, sensory exploration, body awareness, resistance, and tailored learning for every swimmer. We are not therapists, nor are we specially trained to work with children with special needs. We are, however, in love with teaching children to enjoy and respect the water while gaining skills that improve self-esteem, coordination, and strength. 

    The ratio of a class can vary from 4:1 to 1:1. Once the Special Needs Inquiry form is submitted you will be contacted by the Special Needs Coordinator to discuss your swimmer’s goals and determine the appropriate class. Due to our staff not being trained therapists, we are limited on our ability to accept swimmers with aggressive behaviors.

    Special Needs Make-up policy:

    We do our best to accommodate the needs of all of our swimmers. If your child is in a class that has accommodations in place, we are unable to offer make-ups due to our inability to replicate those specific accommodations.