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How Makeup Swimming Lessons Work at Hubbard

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At Hubbard, we love seeing your little one’s face every week in class. And we hope we’ve conveyed the benefits of swim lessons, especially year round swim lessons that are attended with consistency. But, with the holidays and a busy winter season that often involves vacations and packed schedules, we also understand that there may be times when you’re unable to get to class. Not to mention, December and January are known as peak months for contagious illnesses, so there may come a time when you need to make use of our makeup swimming lessons (although we hope not!). Here are our policies:


Hubbard Closes for the Holidays


Our swim schools close down for major holidays, so that teachers, staff and students all can enjoy the breaks with their families and friends. You don’t need to schedule a makeup class if we’re closed on your normal day of swimming lessons, and simply will not be charged for that class. If you need to find out the exact holidays upon which we’re closed, here’s our full calendar.


We Ask that you Always Report Absences


In order to keep our makeup policy active and working for all families, we need to know when students will be absent from their scheduled classes. Please give us a call or report an upcoming absence online prior to your child’s class, if at all possible. This way, we can give your little one’s spot to someone else who may be looking to schedule a makeup. If you aren’t able to give us advance notice, please still notify us about the absence anyway so we can hold your spot in the class.


Scheduling your Makeup


You can request a makeup class up to seven days prior to the makeup date, and any makeup classes you have available expire if you withdraw (and do not get carried over). We cannot accommodate makeups for:


  • Swimmers in their first month of Blowfish or Goldfish level

  • Special Needs or Baby Splash swimmers

  • Missed make-up lessons

  • Children over three in Semi-Private classes (however, make-ups may be done in a group class)

  • Private classes (however, make-ups may be done in a group class)

  • Four-Day Blitz & Rec Team


If you’re eligible to request a makeup, you can schedule yours online or in person.



We hope you and your family enjoyed all the fun and festivities that the holidays have brought, have safe vacations and stay healthy and well! And if you do need to make use of our makeup policy, please report the absence and schedule your makeup as soon as you can. Contact us if you have any questions about our makeup policies, or about our swimming lessons.