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Benefits from Baby Swim Lessons You’ll See Outside the Pool

When you’re thinking about boosting your infant’s development, it’s a good idea to weigh the pros and cons of all the different activities for babies that are available to parents. You might be drawn to the idea of baby swimming lessons, like many parents, because of the importance of water safety. But did you know that the benefits of pairing babies and swimming extend far beyond the water? Here are just a few of the advantages that come along with enrolling your little one at a baby swim school:

Physical Strength & Growth

When a child is young many of their milestones are related to fine and gross motor skills. Swimming lessons help to advance gross motor skills and strengthen muscles; the work kids do in swim class will also help them to eventually master breath control and achieve physical stamina. While babies are still developing, these classes will help them to master milestones that may seem small but are really the building blocks for all other motor skills to follow.

A study conducted by researchers in Norway and Britain found that the children who were in swimming lessons performed far better than their non-swimming peers in prehension (seizing and grasping objects) and static balance.

Commitment & Confidence

There are other benefits that baby swimming lessons can yield that are intangible, and therefore hard to actually measure, but their impact can last a lifetime. When enrolled in baby swim school, little ones learn to commit to an activity and to working hard (even as babies). They don’t consciously learn these things; but by showing up every week and working alongside their parent or caregiver, these lessons are internalized.

Swimming lessons can also put children outside their comfort zone by conquering fears and mastering new skills. And while learning new skills while in the arms of a loved one, babies can gain confidence and thrive. Both of these things are invaluable to a child throughout their life, in a variety of circumstances outside of the pool.

Are you interested in helping your child learn to swim and enjoy all these benefits and more? Or are you wondering how early can a baby learn to swim? We’d love to talk to you! Contact us to learn more or about our free Baby Splash program for babies 8 weeks - 5 months or our Little Snappers class.