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6 Swim Lesson Etiquette Tips for Parents

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Whether you’re new to swimming lessons or have had your child at our school since they were in baby swimming lessons, you probably have a solid grasp on the rules and expectations we have for your kids. But have you ever thought about the etiquette of parents at the pool? And by that we mean supporting your child by helping make their learning to swim experience as stress-free as possible. One of the best ways to support your child is to be a calm, responsible, and encouraging presence for them as they go about learning to swim - and to help keep our school distraction-free for all our swimmers.

Here are six swimming tips we have for parents and caregivers when bringing children to swimming lessons:

1. Be Mindful When Driving

This first one has nothing to do with the pool, but everything to do with safety. When you come to swimming lessons, and when you leave, remember that there are plenty of kids in the parking lot. Drive safely, slowly, and make sure to look around for small children. It’s common to drive quickly or poorly when you’re in a rush, but a great way to avoid this is by leaving your house early and avoid scheduling anything directly after class.  

Respect Everyone’s Time

This tip also ties into the idea above of giving yourself plenty of time to get to swim class. When your child is late, the teacher has to pause what they’re in the middle of doing  to help to your little one into the pool. One student being late can throw off what everyone else is doing and disrupt the flow of class. Plan to leave your house even five or ten minutes earlier than normal, and your child will have the benefit of seamlessly joining their lesson alongside their peers - and you’ll both feel a lot less stressed.   Arriving a few minutes early is extra important for nervous swimmers, as running late can increase the tension / energy and kids, even infants, can react to that negative energy increase.

2. Arrive Prepared

We have a few rules to keep your kids safe at Hubbard. For example, if your child is younger than three, they need to wear a swim diaper (whether or not they’re potty trained). We also ask you to bring a towel and a change of dry clothes for your child to use after lessons. Remember to bring drinking water, give your little one a snack about an hour before class, and have them use the restroom so they’re ready to jump into class well-fueled and focused.

3. Keep Illness Away

Ask any parent what one of their pet peeves are about group activities for children, and you’ll almost always hear frustration about sick kids showing up to classes and exposing others. If your child has a runny nose, cough, a sign of a fever, or any other obvious symptoms that indicate they may be fighting off an illness, keep them home. We always offer makeup classes, so you don’t have to worry about losing the lesson. Your child won’t perform at their best if they’re under the weather, and you increase the odds of getting other kids sick if you don’t keep your little one at home. What goes around comes around!

4. Supervise Siblings

Many of our families have more than one child, so we understand when you need to bring your other little ones with you. Just remember to keep a close eye on them so they won’t get near the pool or other equipment. We know it’s tempting for kids to explore everything in a new setting, but help them understand that it’s a safety issue and they need to stay by your side.

5. Be Your Child’s Biggest Cheerleader

Finally, remember that your goal is to support your child as they learn to swim, beginner or advanced. Always be encouraging to your child (and other kids). Bring along another family member or friend when you’re able to so your little one feels even more supported.

As you dive into the routine of swimming lessons again, keep in mind these etiquette best practices. This will help you and the other parents who come to our school to feel calm and comfortable, and for all our little swimmers to be able to thrive. Contact us if you are interested in swimming lessons for kids or have any questions about our swimming lessons.