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What We've Learned from Teaching Kids to Swim

Posted in Swim Tips

There are so many different activities you can get your kids involved in when they are young. From all of the school sports programs to the after school endeavors that your children have an interest in, sometimes they may leave you wondering just how worthwhile most of them are.

There are a number of things we have learned over the years teaching countless children how to swim. Just watching little ones go from being hesitant about just being in the water, to proudly participating in swim competitions, it all starts with a set of timeless, core values.

Here's what we've learned from teaching kids to swim:

?Simple steps work best. This begins with teaching your baby to swim. Building on fundamental lessons that begin early will lead to long term success.
?Accomplished swimmers start with the basics. Overcoming the fear of water is something we take seriously, and every child will learn how to love the water through positive experiences and a growing sense of accomplishment. We give up on no one. From the basics, they learn breath control, and how to balance in the water comfortably.
?Constant, positive reinforcement is a winner. Year-round, once a week, half-hour lessons will give your little ones a swimming skill retention mindset that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.
?Swimming skills are lifesavers. Too many tragic accidents are avoidable. Proper swimming skills, give all children the greatest advantage when learning to swim and in drowning prevention. Once they begin to master proper swimming techniques, they'll put away those pool toys for the joys of competition.
?Swimming programs thrive on continuous education. Continuous education is essential for kids and for their instructors as well. We are amazed at what our baby splash program does for the littlest of tykes when they are immersed in water. All children gain great advantages in their social, motor skill, and cognitive development areas when they learn how to swim. Swimming is one of the best confidence builders out there.

When you go looking for a worthwhile activity for your children, remember to enroll them in swim school. Kids love being part of a big swimming family, and we're here to see that our love of swimming becomes theirs, too!