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Ways to Become a Better Swimmer

Everyone likes to think they're good at something. This goes for sports, activities, languages, hobbies or anything else. There are ways to become good at everything you do, if you work at it. So, how do you or your children get to be better swimmers?

Perhaps, you may feel that they've been working at it for a while, and don't seem to be making much progress. Maybe they feel like giving up because they just can't get the hang of it. Well, there are some things to think about when you want to master swimming basics.

Believe in Yourself. That's most important of all. Make sure that the swim school where you enroll your kids believe that everyone has the ability to learn to swim. A good swim school will combine swim lessons with getting your kids comfortable in the water, and make it all seem like fun.

Be a Part of a Swimming Family. Swim instructors should love what they teach, and want to help every child learn to swim. Swimming can be a bit intimidating at first, and children need to adapt to the water before they ever begin learning swimming strokes. Their teachers should know this, and work with them to achieve those little victories at every lesson.

Learn to Relax. This sounds simple enough to do until you're actually in the water. Teach your kids to never fight the water, but to relax while they're swimming and how to become comfortable the entire time they're in the pool. Your swim instructor should begin teaching them how to float facedown on the surface in order to get comfortable with having their faces in the water. Swim lessons in Phoenix do this all the time.

Learn to Set Swimming Goals. Just like setting goals for other things, setting swimming goals is a good idea for your kids to work towards. When your kids set swimming goals, they will be motivated to be at every class. Your kids will start to gain the great benefits of swimming when they learn to set goals and achieve them before moving on to the next steps. For new swimmers, it could be as simple as holding one's head underwater for five seconds! Every little victory matters.

Practice, practice, practice. Swimming well takes practice. It can be hard work to win swim meets and be a part of a swim team, and practice is what is required to win competitions. Always assure them that it takes dedication to swim, but that the fun never stops.