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Water Games You Can Play On Vacation

Posted in Swim Tips

If you'll be heading out on vacation soon, one of the fun things your kids are guaranteed to want to check out immediately will be the hotel pool or beach. With that in mind, don't forget to enroll your kids in swimming lessons well before vacation starts. Here's how to incorporate some of what they've learned when you're on vacation.

  • Swimming Contests. Especially with older children, it's fun to make a game out of swimming laps in the pool. See who can swim the furthest out and get back first. Or time your kids to see who's the fastest. Children love to be competitive, especially when they finish before you do, so take advantage of fun times even in the water.
  • Use Inflatable Floats. You can make this a contest, too. Have your kids paddle down the pool and see who gets there first. You can use floats or rafts or whatever comes to mind.
  • Coin Toss. This water game can keep kids busy for hours. Finding that coin in the bottom of the pool is one way to get your children practicing their underwater skills.
  • Sand Angels. On the beach this will get your toddlers swimming while staying close to shore. Have your kids make sand angels, then watch as the water fills them in. See who's the quickest, because the water comes fast.
  • Channel Race. All you need to play this beach game are a few buckets and some ping pong balls. Divide your kids up into teams and have them build channels in the sand, down to the water. Set a ping pong ball into the channel, then pour buckets of water over the ball to get it moving down to the end. Whoever gets their ball there first, wins. The longer the channel, the more fun you'll have!
  • Pool Volleyball. A classic water game, and one everybody loves. Be sure not to have all the best players on one team. For little children, use a beach ball which is easier to lob over the net.

There are so many ways to have family fun while on vacation. Ditch the smartphones, and get outdoors in the sun. By using water game activities, those swimming classes for kids won't soon be forgotten. Even when you're on vacation and having a blast, you can keep your kids learning.