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Wackiest Pool Toys We've Ever Seen

Posted in Swim Tips

There's nothing quite like enjoying a day in your pool or someone else's pool. Even if you don't have your own swimming pool, you can always go to the nearest community pool or get to be best friends with a neighbor who has one.

To make the fun just a little better, it's a good idea to check out some of the latest, and greatest, and wackiest pool toys that are out there right now. Here's a list of some of the most popular pool toys:

  • Giant Inflatable Swan. Now everyone can enjoy the deep end of the pool. This big swan is great for all sizes and just think of all the games and fun you can invent around this one.
  • Mermaid Pool Swimming Fins.  Kids will enjoy putting these on and pretending they are Ariel's best friend in the water. Anyone, kids and adults can fit into these VERY realistic mermaid fins.
  • Polyhedron Rolly Ball Pool Float. This is 48 inches in diameter so there's plenty of room to move around. This float will have all the kids waiting in line to get in, and have the ride of their life!
  • Super Backyard Water Slide. For the younger kids, this slide sits next to your pool, and when the garden hose gets attached to it, a slippery mist creates a great way to slide into the water. Kids will slip and slide all day long.
  • Hot Dog and Condiment Bottle Floats. Kids perch on the hot dog float while grabbing their bottle of ketchup or mustard. Then, let the pool wars begin! It's fun to see which child will be the last one remaining on their float.
  • Pirate Island Inflatable Adventure Set. Ahoy mateys! Now you can have your very own pirate island in the pool. Included is a fort, a moat island, three inflatable shields and swords and an escape hatch! And you don't even have to walk the plank to get there. Can you imagine all the fun your kids will have with this pirate island?
  • Rock-It? Inflatable Pool Rocker. This pool floatation toy is just like a giant inflatable seesaw. Kids sit on either end and get their exercise while rocking their float back and forth. They'll have a blast seeing who can rock the highest, all while getting their exercise with some wacky pool fun.

Pool toys are some of the best fun you can have in the warmer months. Find out which ones you like best, then prepare to make a big splash!