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Top Winter Water Safety Tips for Parents

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Wintertime and water safety are not always two words that people think of together. But when December is upon us, it’s important to remind parents that pools, hot tubs, and other bodies of water can still be hazardous for little ones. So in the interest of infant swim safety (and swim safety of even older kids), here are some safety tips for parents for the winter months.

The Dangers of Holiday Parties

The change in season can bring about a stream of festive holiday events. These can be great fun, but they also break your normal routine and are filled with plentiful distractions. If proper water safety precautions aren’t being intentionally prioritized, safety can slip through the cracks.

When you visit family or attend holiday parties, check that the new environment you’re in is safe for your little ones. When you first arrive, do a sweep of the premises to make sure that pool gates are closed and locked.  Regularly check these again while there, since others might come after you and accidentally leave these open.

The best bet, as always, for infant water safety is to confirm with your spouse which one of you is in charge of actively supervising your child. This means that whoever is designated will keep the children in their sight at all times, and not let conversations, alcohol, or anything else distract them from watching the kids when water is nearby. When this person needs a break, make sure the next person they tap to actively supervise is aware of the job and fully focused.  

What About Hot Tubs?

Of course, most outdoor pools are out of the question during winter (except for our heated, indoor pools at Hubbard!), but many families love to enjoy hot tubs together when the weather cools down. Babies should never be in a hot tub, but older children can use the hot tub if you take proper precautions.

First, adjust water temperature lower for kids and limit time accordingly.  Also, be sure to give your little ones plenty of water so they remain hydrated. Second, if you have a hot tub in your backyard, make sure you have winter pool safety covers inground to keep children out - and, as always, keep your pool gates closed and locked.


You can enjoy all the memory-making of the holiday season if you stick to these safety tips for parents. Wishing you and yours a winter season full of safety, warmth - and fun. Contact us to learn more or enroll your child in our swim program.