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Swimming Skills Your Child Can Practice At Home

Posted in Swim Tips

Did you know your little snappers and jellyfish can practice swimming skills at home? Even when there's no pool, your goldfish and hammerheads can still put into practice what they learn during swim lessons.

Sometimes learning your swim moves is better without the water in the way. When parents and children take time out now and then to practice swimming skills at home, you'll be pleasantly surprised at the results the next time they go go class.

Here are a few ways to practice swim skills in between swimming classes for kids.

Leg Kicks

To gain strength in the water, it's important to work on your leg kicks. They are one of the most important elements to swimming, but not all kicks are correct. To practice leg kicks, have your swimmer lie down on the ground on their belly. One leg at a time, have them raise those legs without bending their knees. See how high they can raise their legs. Stress to them that legs need to be straight and toes pointed. It's coordination that will only get better the more they do it.

Good Arm Movement

The proper way to learn how to swim is by sweeping the water in front of you to your sides and pushing the water behind you. Many young children, when just learning how to swim, will do this movement in reverse. It's important to get your children to be aware of their arm movements while in the water. Too often, kids begin with their arms at their sides and bring them forward. Get them to do just the opposite. Childrens activities such as this one will really get them thinking about what they are doing.

Developing Breathing Skills

When learning breathing techniques in the water, blowing bubbles is one of the first things your little baby splashes can do. Kids love blowing bubbles, and you can encourage them to do this with milk and a straw. Great breath control begins with little activities like this one. Practicing breath control in between your kids' swimming lessons will help them to remember what they learn.

Jumping Techniques

What kid doesn't love to jump? If your children are hesitant about jumping into pool water, then start with them at home by having them jump off of low surfaces at first while they build up their confidence. With your assistance and supervision, little ones can learn to safely jump off of cushions or even low beds.