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Swimming Myths: Busted

Posted in Swim Tips

You've heard stories from other people about swimming classes for kids, adolescents, and adults. For every person who has something good to say, there's someone else who will contradict this. How do you know what to believe when it comes to swimming classes for kids?

Here are a few myths that no longer apply when you're thinking about signing your kids up for swimming lessons.

Myth #1: Infants shouldn't learn to swim.

Well, that's just not true, because babies as young as two months old can be introduced to the water. There's only one way to learn swimming, and that's with simple steps, and laying a foundation of comfort and confidence that kids can easily build on.

Myth #2: Pool water is unhealthy for my kids.

This, also, is not true. Pool water is always disinfected, and chemicals are used only to healthy, acceptable levels. Moms and dads should always encourage using the bathroom before lessons, and showering afterward. Hygiene goes a long way to teaching successful learning.

Myth #3: I've tried other swim classes, but my child can't swim.

There is no child who cannot learn how to swim. When your swim instructors operate on the philosophy that they never give up on a child, they will incorporate many ingenious ways on how to teach a child to swim. A good swim school loves challenges, and they will do what it takes to get your child happy and swimming.

Myth #4: Anyone can teach your child how to swim.

Swim instructors receive hands-on training and work on continuous education to bring all the best techniques to their swimming lessons. Swimming is not learned by jumping into the pool and hoping for the best. Real child development and educational skills are taught to each child when they attend swim classes.

Myth #5: Winter swimming will make my kids sick.

Other people with germs will make your kids sick. In fact, children who regularly exercise, whether swimming or some by doing other activity are less likely to get sick. The pool water is heated and kids love swimming in the soft, warm water. And continuous kids swim lessons all year long is much more advantageous to them than the stop-and-start method some parents use.

Kids swimming lessons are nothing like they were in the past. Swimming is a very popular activity for kids of all ages.