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Safety Starts Before Entering the Pool

Posted in Benefits of Swim Lessons, Swim Safety

Prior to joining my swim family at Hubbard Family Swim School my children were occasionally taking swim lessons at a Phoenix public pool. Jude was three years old and absolutely loved the water. Anytime we arrived at the pool he was overjoyed and overly excited. His impatience was what caused his slip. We had warned him not to run towards the pool. The moment I let go of his hand and turned away he ran towards the water, slipped, and his head slammed onto the pavement. Everyone at the pool heard the thud, stopped what they were doing to try to help and someone called 911. He had gone unconscious for just a few seconds which felt like an eternity. Luckily, it was a minor head injury and didn't lead to any complications. I learned my lesson. Jude needed to learn to swim, but most importantly he needed to learn to be safe around water.


We did a lot of research on Phoenix swim lessons. We were specifically looking for swim lessons with a gentle and fun approach to lessons. When we arrived at Hubbard  Family Swim School we quickly learned that there are many "hands on deck" to make sure water safety was number one priority. After a few sessions Jude knew some of the basic water safety rules and as a parent I learned many as well such as watch your kids closely around water. Slipping on water around the pool can be just as dangerous as an accident inside the pool. Jude’s swim instructor, Devin, talked to him about the dangers of running and slipping and the weekly lessons gave him the practice he needs to reinforce the message. Three years later, Jude is in Jellyfish and is sure to walk around the pool before and after his class. One thing hasn’t changed though, every Thursday he is overjoyed and overly excited to be at swim class.