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Learning to Swim: The Hubbard Philosophy

Posted in Swim Safety

Even when swim schools share similar instruction methods and philosophies, no two schools are created exactly equal. In fact, at Hubbard Family Swim School, we have very particular guiding lights that help us shape the curriculum we use for our swimming classes for kids, and direct how we run our infant, kid, and toddler swim school. Here’s a little more about why we do what we do, and how it’s helped us offer the best swimming lessons around for over 20 years. 

Swimming Approach 

There are a few key pillars we believe in that support how we teach indoor swimming lessons for toddlers and kids of all ages…

1. Simple steps and solid building blocks lead to success. We believe that for kids to grow into confident swimmers they need consistent swim lessons to build a solid foundation for water safety. 

2. Comfort is key. In order for kids to be safe and enjoy a lifelong love of the water, they must first feel comfortable. At Hubbard, our pool and our instructors are warm. In class we focus early on breath control, balance, and buoyancy, all of which help kids feel comfortable. 

3. The earlier kids start, the better. When we introduce children as young as eight weeks old to the water and teach them to back float, it’s truly a lifesaving skill. The younger children are when they start swimming class, the faster they’ll pick up skills, become comfortable, and progress. 

4. Swim skills are best mastered when reinforced regularly, year-round. Even when there are no longer warm days and pool parties taking place, kids need to practice their swim skills. This is why our swimming classes for kids are year-round, once-a-week, and half an hour in length. This cadence helps children maintain muscle memory, regularly improve upon skills, and stay consistent and comfortable. 

5. Parents can be their children’s best teachers. We love to educate and empower our students’ parents to be a key part of their swimming journey. We work with parents to understand the building blocks of successful swimming, learn their children’s cues, and help them to continue the work we do in class at home. 

Continuing Education

Another thing that sets our swim school apart from the rest is that we place a high premium on continuing education. We’ve worked with the New Directions Institute for Infant Brain Development to educate our instructors and parents on the cognitive benefits of swimming early in life, and to promote research in this area. 

We also make sure that all of our instructors receive hands-on training and continuing education throughout the year. Our founders Bob and Kathy Hubbard, as well as swim school management, travel to numerous conferences each year to present and participate in workshops on swimming, child development, and education.

Core Values

Finally, our core values are at the center of everything we do. We embrace the following principles:

  • Do small things with great love 
  • Everyone is family 
  • Whatever it takes 

We’ve been committed to teaching children to swim with this philosophy since 1998, and are so very proud of the work we’re doing alongside our students and their families. What makes us different is that, yes, we teach drowning prevention and swim skills, but we also impart much more. We give our students life skills, a love of the water, improved development and personal growth to be proud of. And we couldn’t ask for more. 

Contact us if you’d like to learn more, or to give our indoor swimming lessons for toddlers, babies, and kids a try.