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Learning to swim as a baby doesn't guarantee you a shot at the Olympics but does give you a head start

Posted in Child Development, Swim Tips

When you become a parent, there are many questions you start having about every subject under the sun where your baby is concerned. Perhaps you've heard other parents talk about their babies' swim class and it's got you wondering: Is this something I should try?

There are qualified infant swimming programs that will turn your little ones into water lovers. The earlier you start, the better. Furthermore, kids swimming lessons teach your kids more than just the essential skill of how to stay afloat.

Just because your little ones begin swimming at a very early age doesn't necessarily mean they will grow up to be Olympic swimmers. Some of the best U.S. swimmers who will be competing again this summer in the swimming Olympic time trials didn't start swimming until they were five years old or older.

Studies do show that the earlier you introduce your children to swimming classes for kids, the more of an advantage they will have in terms of learning and childhood development. From the time they are two months old they can be a little Baby Splash or Little Snapper, learning that water is safe and fun, and then learning back floats and rollovers.

By the time they move up to be little Blowfish or Clownfish, they will learn how to be submerged in the water, and will move around independently. Even before they are a year old!

But, if you don't think your little one can be another Missy Franklin or Matt Grevers, think again! Swimming is one of the best ways to exercise and stay in shape. It's an activity you can take with you no matter how old you get. Let's face it, with time and regular practice, you will swim better and you can start winning competitions. You know where that can lead.

Whether your kids ever make it to the Olympics, which will be broadcast from Brazil this summer, or love just watching the swim time trials, which you can see in June from Omaha, NE, they will be inspired by the terrific swimmers they see.

Start your kids swimming early, and don't worry about those famous swimmers too much. Nonetheless, with enough practice and dedication, your child just may become one of them.