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How Swim Lessons Can Turn Reluctant Swimmers into Confident Ones

Swimming lessons are the number one way for children who may be afraid or nervous around or in the water to become confident and safe swimmers. In fact, they are also the number one way for anyone to become confident and safe swimmers and learning to swim is the most effective water safety tool.

With the supervision of trained staff members and the safety of a controlled environment, both you and your child can rest easy as he or she learns how to swim like a little fish. Swimming lessons, paired with pro-swim safety behavior at home can help any child get over a fear of swimming and help them learn how to swim ? while having fun.

1. Incorporate Visits To The Pool Into Your Weekly Schedule

One of the simplest ways to get over a fear of something is to be around it in a safe and controlled way. Making trips to the pool regularly can encourage your child to become more confident in the water.

Get excited to go to swim class or the pool. Talk about how much fun you had as a child and tell fun water-related stories (with proper safety of course). If your child has an older sibling, encourage him or her to help ramp up your child?s confidence with encouragement and inclusion.

2. Reward Milestones

It?s important for your child to know how proud you are for reaching important milestones. For example, if your child has been afraid to put his or her head under the water and finally conquers the fear and takes the plunge, let?s go get ice cream!

Talk with your child?s swim teacher to see where he or she is in the learning process, and keep an open conversation with your child about it. Swim lessons don?t end when your little fish gets back on dry land. Talk about it throughout the week and get him or her excited to go again.

Get pumped up for big successes, but don?t act disappointed if a child has failed to meet a goal. Every child learns at his or her own pace and no one wants to get back in the pool if they feel like a failure. Just getting in that pool in the first place is a big win.

3. Don?t Pressure Your Child

Getting over a fear of swimming can be a process that takes a lot of time and patience. While some kids may be natural mermaids or mermen, others take a bit more time getting used to the water.

This isn?t a bad thing! This means they have a natural awareness of the dangers of water, and will likely take swim safety to heart. With swimming lessons, they can learn there is nothing to be afraid of if they learn how to swim and are aware of swim safety.

Once your child is swimming, don?t pressure him or her to learn skills that they are not ready for, or push them through steps of the learning process. Building a strong foundation is key to becoming a comfortable confident swimmer.

4. Confront Your Own Water Fears

Many adults are in fact not great swimmers. Perhaps you had a bad experience near water, or you just haven?t been in the pool for years. As a parent, it?s important not to let those fears trickle down to your children. Remember, you?re their biggest role model and the one they look up to. If you?re scared, they will be too.

Whether you decide to put that old bathing suit back on and brush up on your doggie paddle or enroll in swim classes, taking any steps to calm your fear of swimming will rub off on your child. Remember, learning to swim is the number one way to be safe near the water.

5. Have fun

Remember, learning to swim should be a fun, family-oriented adventure. Having fun in the pool is one of the best ways to forget about a fear of swimming. Play pool games, and plan pool days as a family. You may even find yourself having as much fun as your children.

In order to be safe around water, you and your child need to feel confident. Attending swim lessons and practicing at home will help your child feel at ease and become natural swimmers.