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Best Practices for Diapering at Swim Lessons

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Some of the first questions we get from parents who are just starting their child in a baby swim lesson are about baby swim diapers. Here’s some more information about how we handle diapering at Hubbard Family Swim School, as well as some answers to common questions about baby swimming diapers. 

1. What’s your policy on swim diapers at Hubbard? 

To err on the side of safety and cleanliness, we require all children under age three to wear a cloth swim diaper for classes. This includes children who are potty trained. 

2. What kind of swim diapers should I use? 

As mentioned above, cloth diapers are best for swimming pools. These are the best baby swim diapers because they protect your child’s swimsuit from waste, and keep it from entering the pool water. 

3. Where can I buy them?

There are plenty of companies that sell cloth swim diapers, but they are also available for sale in our lobbies. If you ever forget to bring one, or if you need to buy some in the first place, you can conveniently check out the options we have available. 

4. How often should I check swim diapers? 

We recommend checking your child’s swim diaper right before class begins, and immediately afterward. If you suspect they’ve soiled their diaper during class, it’s best to remove them from the pool and check. Since it’s likely that their swim diapers will get dirty at some point during your time at our facility, we always recommend bringing at least two swim diapers with you for backup. 

Another good idea is to put a regular diaper on your child at home before you leave, and then put your swim diaper and swimsuit on top of that. This way, when you arrive at Hubbard, you can remove the regular diaper (since it may get wet or soiled on the drive to class), and already have the clean cloth diaper in place. 

5. How do I handle diapering when my child is potty trained, but not yet three years old?

If your toddler is potty trained before age three, many parents want to skip the swim diaper. But this is against our policy for a reason. Young children, even those who have been potty trained for a while, tend to have accidents and less control of their bodies than older kids. So this policy was created in order to keep our swimming pools as clean and safe as possible. 

If your child balks at wearing a diaper after they’re potty trained, try to make it fun. You can say something like, “Let’s get you dressed in your special swim pants!” or let them choose the color and pattern of their swim diaper so they feel like they have some control over the matter. 

Any more questions? Contact us anytime!