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4 Ways to Encourage Healthy Living for Kids

Posted in Parenting Ideas, Benefits of Swim Lessons

Every year, we look forward to Every Kid Healthy™ Week, which takes place from April 22nd - 26th. This annual observance was created to celebrate school health and wellness achievements. It’s right in line with our mission to further kids’ fitness and healthy living for kids. So in honor of this week, here are some of our favorite tips for raising healthy children.

  1. Start with Swimming.

Of course, this is our first tip - and for good reason! Not only does starting children in swimming classes early in life help them cognitively and developmentally, but it also teaches them important life-saving skills and water safety. And when kids are used to being in swimming lessons, an active lifestyle becomes their norm.

Even beyond swim classes swimming sets the stage for a multitude of other sports and activities children can participate in throughout their lives. From swimming itself as a competitive sport, to water polo, surfing, lake sports, and beyond, there are plenty of ways to get active in the water.

  1. Move Together Every Day.

In addition to enrolling your little ones in swim class, it’s also important to model a healthy lifestyle for kids at home. Whether you go for family bike rides, do an impromptu yoga class in your backyard, or put on music and dance around, being active together on a regular basis helps kids begin to enjoy and prioritize fitness.

  1. Make Drinking Water a Habit.

One of the best things you can do to raise healthy children is to get them to drink water as their primary source of hydration. Even if they like juice or milk, keep a full cup of water on hand and offer it to them throughout the day. If they don’t usually go for plain water willingly, try adding fresh mint or berries to it, squeeze an orange into it, use a colorful twisty straw, or add ice cubes in fun shapes.

  1. Make Positive Nutrition Swaps.

Kids are notorious for being picky eaters, and it can be incredibly frustrating for parents who want to raise healthy children. If your little ones aren’t eating the variety of nutrition-dense foods you’d like them to, consider starting by upgrading the quality of the foods they already do eat, and always offer a healthy snack to fuel up before swim lessons or an activity.

Many experts recommend buying organic non-GMO foods whenever possible, choosing grass-fed dairy and meat, pasture-raised eggs, and offering kids a variety of produce. Also, eliminate (or at least greatly reduce) any heavily processed foods, especially those with added sugar and/or food dyes. It might take a lot of attempts and a lot of creativity, but you can definitely improve the quality and nutrition of your kids’ foods if you keep at it.

We’re here for you as you champion healthy living for kids, starting with your own family. We hope swimming will be part of your active lifestyle, and that you’ll consider other water-based sports for your kids as they grow too. Contact us if you’d like to learn more - and enjoy Every Kid Healthy Week!