Hammerhead Swim Meets

Introduction to Racing


We are excited to offer an Intersquad meet for our Hammerhead swimmers, hosted by Swim Neptune.

Space is limited! We can take 30 Hammerhead swimmers who are currently (or have been) enrolled at Hubbard Family Swim School!
Moon Valley Country Club

151 West Moon Valley Dr.
Phoenix, AZ, 85023


Meets: $15 per meet per swimmer
Championships: $20 per swimmer (includes Prelims & Finals)

*Note: Registration must be completed by noon on the Friday prior to the meet.


Sun. Jan 27 - Free/Back/Breast
Sun. Feb 10 - Free/Back/Fly
Sun. Mar 3 - Free/Back/Breast
Sun. Mar 24 - Free/Back/Fly
Sun. Apr 14 - Free/Back/Breast

Prelims: Sat. May 4
Finals: Sun. May 5

*Note: Swimmers do not need to “qualify” for Prelims however not all swimmers will advance to finals. The top six times in each event (split by gender and age groups) will move from prelims on to finals.

It is possible to swim up to 3 events per meet. You can swim in one meet or all of them.
Event Times

3:30 pm - Warmup
4:00 pm - Start
5:15 pm - all done

Register here for any of the meets!
*Note: If you are having trouble registering, be sure to choose the Phoenix location when logging in. Then choose 'Other Programs' to browse through meet dates & times.
  • 25s and 50s - free and back at every meet and then either breaststroke or butterfly
  • No age limits on the distances. It's up to the coach to enter kids in either 25s or 50s. We have beginner 11-year-olds that do 25s and strong 7-year-olds that do 50s 
  • Ribbons for each heat We track the times and post overall results, but don't break them down by age and gender 
  • WE MIX AGE AND GENDER IN EACH HEAT - seeding on times done at previous meets



Who runs the meets?

Swim Neptune swim club runs the meets at Moon Valley Country Club.  We are guests. Meets are casual and move quickly.


Who is the HFSS coach?

Jessie Liebner will be the meet coach most of the time.  Occasionally we have a sub or second coach on site. Carmella Solano will help with the administrative side and communication between Swim Neptune and parents.


How do we find the coach?

Check in with the coach when you arrive.  The coach will be in a red HFSS shirt or other HFSS uniform gear.


Does the coach know what my swimmer’s best stroke?

Only if they have seen them swim before.  We encourage open communication with coach when you arrive.  


What strokes do we swim for the meet?

Different per meet.  Swim Neptune determines.  Details listed on HFSS website.


Does my swimmer have to swim all 3 strokes for the meet?

Tricky question.  Not required however highly encouraged.  These meets are meant to encourage Hammerheads to get a feel for competition and racing with multiple strokes.


Where do you post the overall results? By when?

We email them to parents once we get results from Swim Neptune.  Usually takes a few days.


If I miss the meet, do I get a refund?

Please keep in mind we pay a fee to Swim Neptune per swimmer to hold your child’s spot.  There is a difference between “miss” and “cancel”. If you let us know more than 24 hours in advance, we can work with you.  If you miss the event, we can apply the funds to HFSS lessons or a future meet. No refunds.


What does my swimmer need to bring to the meet?

Swimmers must bring their own swim gear.   Goggles, swim cap, towel, etc.. It is an outdoor pool so appropriate clothing is recommended.   Showers are available at the location.


What kind of swimsuit should my swimmer wear?

Girls: one piece, racing style is best.

Boys: jammers or a “speedo” are best.

No swim shirts and no board shorts.


Should my swimmer wear a swim cap?

It is preferred. Caps are sold at HFSS.


What time does the meet end?

It varies however most of the time we are out of there around 5:15.


Who can swim in this meet?

Space is limited! We can take 30 (current or past) Hammerhead swimmers.


“Championships” include prelims and finals.  Is it one fee for both or separate fees?

It is one total fee for both events.  Not all swimmers advance to finals.


Swimmers do not need to “qualify” for Prelims.  They just sign up like a normal meet; however, we will contact them beforehand and ask them to choose only 3 strokes out of the four strokes offered.  The top six times in each event (split by gender and age groups) will move from prelims on to finals. Swim Neptune organizes the times before Prelim is over and posts them on a window for everyone to see before they leave.